MPAH is pleased to announce that well-known community leader Henry Milorin will receive the MPAH 2017 Patriot Award in recognition of his leadership and contribution to the Haitian community in Massachusetts.

Please join us on Sunday, October 29th at the Lantana to honor Mr. Henry Milorin


henryHenry Milorin left Haiti at an early age to migrate to the United States. He represents the essence of active citizenship. The spirit of community and citizenship blossomed in him since arriving in the US, Milorin often accompanied acquaintances, friends, neighbors and relatives of Haitian and Spanish origin to schools, hospitals and other places to translate and help fill out forms.   Henry has been and is still committed on improving employment opportunities for individuals of Haitian origin and has been a great booster of a few emerging organizations.  Additionally, he is always advocating and lobbying Legislators on Beacon Hill and in Washington on many issues. He has been instrumental in building civic knowledge and capacity in the Haitian community in Boston and throughout the State and country.

For over 40 plus years, he has been advocating for the Haitian cause and their family members, on the local, state and national levels. He has worked on Family Support initiatives to help individuals to achieve inclusion and other important goals. He established one of the first support groups in Boston for Haitian fathers.  He is a devoted Haitian-American citizen fully committed for a consumer driven community supporting better quality of life and living conditions for individuals of Haitian origin. He is constantly focusing on improving employment outcomes for underserved individuals in the state of Massachusetts and around the country. He is still providing voluntary technical assistance to community based organization to promote inclusion, civic education, and democratic participation.  He is a community builder, an advocate, a lobbyist for the Haitian cause. He has been assisting working-class and immigrant residents, especially those of the underserved communities. He helped to start programs in adult and basic education and job readiness, as well as computer classes and open access to technology for seniors, adults, and youth. He has been instrumental in building civic, political and capacity knowledge in the Haitian community in Boston and throughout the State. Henry was one of the first to coordinate a Massachusetts State Voting registration while educating his brothers and sisters on the importance of citizenry.

He is always searching for local, state, and federal capacities to improve the services that are available to individuals of his community and their families. Henry has devoted part of his life to advocate, educate, learn, and to continue acquiring great skills at all levels. He is always seeking for additional knowledge to increase and enhance the lives of other citizen. His leadership skills and devotion to all had made him a model in various immigrants’ community.