Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc (MPAH) is pleased to announce that it will be having its 6th annual movie awards in the greater Boston area in the fall of 2016. For this year, new rules and regulations have been set to better serve our Haitian actors and filmmakers.

The MPAH Movie Awards will honor actors and filmmakers for work that was displayed in theaters or released on DVD between January 2015- December 2015 inclusively. If a movie has not been released yet on DVD, please contact us to schedule a private screening of your movie for MPAH judges. The deadline for submission is April 30, 2016.
Visit for more information regarding the submission process.

Once all movies are submitted, there will be a press conference on Sunday May 29, 2016 on Tele Choublak TV Boston to announce the 2016 nominees. The nominees will also be listed on our website

For this year new categories have been added. Below is a list of categories for the 6th Annual MPAH Haiti Movie Awards:

  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Supporting Actress
  • Best Director
  • Best Original Movie Script
  • Best Movie
  • Best Documentary
  • Best Short Film
  • Best Music Video
  • Best Director of Photography


Other Categories:


  • Honorary Awards
  • Prix D’Excellence Awards
  • Lifetime Achievement Awards
  • Humanitarian Awards
  • Patriot Awards

The purpose of the ceremony is to honor the hard work of historically important artists that have been an essential cornerstone in shaping the Haitian movie industry. We will also reward the current efforts of the vibrant talents in the Haitian movie industry today.


MPAH – Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc. is a non-profit corporation located in Boston MA and it has been founded in April 2007. Our long term goal is to make the Haitian cinematography a professional career for all Haitian filmmakers, to create a structure in the market, to influence the distribution of the Haitian films in the international market and to protect and defend the rights of the Haitian writers, directors, actors and other specialists in the field of filmmaking.


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