How do I submit my film?
Submissions for the 2018 MPAH Haiti Movie Awards will  run through April 30, 2018. The Haiti Movie Awards submission form and official rules & regulations can be found at

Who can tell me more about submitting my film?
Email / /

What if I want to attend the awards ceremony?
We’d love to have you — contact MPAH regarding tickets at 617-980-6673 or
Access is free for nominees.

What is the submission fee?
Submissions are payable online via our secure payment link online. Your payment is used towards administrative cost (Food, drink for jury members and miscellaneous cost)

• Feature film : $150
• Short film : $100
• Documentary film : $100
• Music Video : $100

When are nominations announced for the 2018 MPAH Haiti Movie Awards?
The 2018 MPAH Haiti Movie Awards nominations will be announced on May 27, 2018.
Via a live press conference on Tele Choublak in Boston and also via different Haitian Medias such as: Le Nouvelliste, HPN Haiti, Radio Signal FM and many others.

Who decides which films are nominated?

Experts in the field.
The Jury members reviewed all nominated films over a period of two months to decide the nominees of the respective categories.
Members of our jury include American professionals from Emerson College, Haitian-American Producers and Filmmakers, Professionals from Channel 7, BIFF and more.

Who votes on the winners of the MPAH Haiti Movie Awards after the nominations?
The Jury members vote on the Haiti Movie Awards nominees to determine winners.